Frugal Wins! Free Stuff

F142E551-1AC9-4F2D-9A54-271E47354B35.jpegI am in New York for work. I had a few hours to amble about. I am trying not to shop because the exchange rate is not favourable. But it started to rain so I stopped by Fresh lured in by the siren song of free samples and a facial. BA756012-B2DF-4B4A-A437-863008CB43BDAn affable fellow from Philadelphia named Jimmy made me look so good. So I ended spending a bunch of bucks on eye cream and lip gloss after my complimentary makeover.

6067A575-AE3C-452B-B4BD-209E005D0C5CSpeaking of gratis stuff, I also stopped by Madewell where I made off with some free stickers. And I paid for a new pair of Adidas Satan Smiths, the grey turtleneck pictured above and a bracelet.

On the plus side, my usual New York kryptonite is Uniqlo and Flying Tiger, held no treasures for me on this trip. I’ll add images of some thrift shop finds on Monday.