Fresh Ink

F8EAD3A0-CEE8-4E25-92CC-6331040EF061Meet Pamela and Valerie. I spotted the peony pictured above on Jack Candlish from Ink and Water tattoo’s Instagram feed and instantly knew I had to have it. I named her Pamela in honour of my cousin Pam, who I share a birthday (which is today, in face) with. Pam died tragically young, when I was just a kid.

DBF04237-3248-4F50-AF6D-164C5F69992DI was already planning to get the Breguet watch hands before I saw the peony. I had been thinking of a tattoo I could get to honour my mother-in-law Valerie when the idea of the V-shaped indicators came to me in a dream.

The photo above shows the positioning of the image pre-tattoo. It’s basically a purple temporary transfer used for placement. Both pieces are still healing so I don’t have better photos at the moment.

I am already planning my next pieces but I’ll have to wait six months because that’s how long it takes between tattoos to be able to give blood. And I am a rock star of blood donation.