Last Pair

BF5E37BB-170D-47B1-BCB6-ED63E43816D5Previously, I’ve written about Fritsch’s Fragrances — a time capsule former pharmacy in Kitchener that is shuttering. Well just a few buildings up the street is a similar shop called Petsches Shoes. When I was growing up it was the go to place for sensible, German schuhe.

Last time I was in town, I noticed a “store closing” sign in the window, so I made it my mission to drop by this trip. I’ve been to the shop many times before (they have a wide selection of clogs, but they were always outside of my budget), but I never bought anything before.

512457E0-2E81-4459-9C83-59BE39E55FBAToday, however, I picked up a pair of New Old Stock Salamanders for $20. How old are they? Let’s just say that they are marked “Made in W. Germany.” West Germany ceased to be in 1990. And I suspect that these shoes are even older than that. They are solidly  built and usually with unworn old shoes, the leather shrinks and gets brittle. These sturdy moccasins are impregnated with wax, leaving them surprisingly supple.

5634EA01-8D16-45A0-BD47-F1E5B17F320COne funny thing about this visit is that I never looked up at Petsches before. And I was amazed to discover this crazy vaulted ceiling with foiled wallpaper and gilded chandeliers. It must have been the most elegant shoe boutique in Kitchener at the time.