High End Haul

09A5CDE0-7F7F-45A7-8C21-B713135EA6CDLast week, celebrated the end of Frugal February with a trip to the Vintage Clothing Show and sale ( where I got this vintage, working LeCoultre cocktail watch pictured above for $20) and good ol’ fashioned Value Village run. I still had to show some restraint because I am a freelancer and folks have been slow to pay me (please visit my Etsy shop, buy stuff and make me rich).

30E5A8E6-2A3C-4BAD-A87C-8EA58F086B47Anyway, it was unseasonably warm when I left the house and seasonably cold when I reached the final thrift shop on my safari. So I thought I’d buy a sweater to keep me warm. And I found this DSquared2 pullover for $6. My first instinct when I find designer brands at the VV is to assume that it’s a fake. But the labels and quality check out. I did have to give it a good washing because someone had Febreezed the hell out of it.

B8B96B0A-81E8-49AE-90CD-C6CE3B2C6F00Speaking of knock offs, I did buy this fake Versace Jeans Couture belt because it’s more homage than forgery, seems sturdy and it fits.