Yayoi Kusama at the AGO

8E3481C1-A142-49D9-91F7-78DB91FD085BAfter months of anticipation, we finally went to the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors show at the AGO. See how excited I am? I even got dressed up in my SPRZ NY x MoMA Kusama sweatpants and scarf (plus my polka dotted Pharrel X Adidas Stan Smiths).

4AB27B30-FCF9-42A1-AC8A-4CAD1B937A13Maybe I was expecting too much from the exhibition because it left me feeling a little underwhelmed. Mostly because I didn’t realize how long the lineups would be. The show consists mainly of rooms and mirrored boxes that one enters and interacts with. Only three people can go in at a time, so queues are understandable.

22EBDCB1-69BC-4F71-945B-DFA81F73ACDDThat’s Mr. Andrew up there, peering into an installation.

124AD634-8C2C-4063-AEC3-2EDEE2A00BD6The bummer part is that as lovely as the art is, you spend most of your time just lining up. You go from a quick, immersive experience to a completely passive one. Most of the patrons just retreated into their Instagram the minute they left one room and immediately joined the next line (myself included).

24301236-BBB2-48A4-8841-DE6C181FF2A6I only allotted myself two hours to tour the show, so I missed two of the installations plus the various prints and paintings (I thought I would be able to double back and see them after I got through the lineups). I didn’t even get to checkout the gift shop.

I guess I will just have to go back.