Fresh. Exciting

761EA406-8B5E-4E98-BEF8-FC87FBC523F0When I was in New York a few weeks back, I visited the local Fresh boutique to restock on the Lotus Eye Gel and to get a free facial and makeup application so I would look all pretty for the event I was going to later in the evening. I ended up getting upsold on some lipcare things, but I’m pretty pleased with the products.

The lipgloss is lovely because gloss generally makes your lip look more hydrated and dewy. But it’s not goopy like a lot of glosses. It’s also a lovely, flattering rosy shade.

I’ve used the lip polish before and liked it a lot—exfoliating helps fight chapped lips because, well, I don’t know. I used to know all this beauty stuff but I seem to have replaced it with Watch knowledge.

I ended up buying a box set of lip stuff because it cost the same as buying the gloss and polish, but it also came with a nude lipstick and a lip balm. A fun fact about the packaging: the lids of the lipsticks screw on. If you’ve had the insides of your purse wrecked because the lid of your lipstick came off in your bag, you’ll understand what a leap forward this is.