Women in the Arts

34E3749E-F10B-4D98-B015-1F82F59CA387Heather Goodchild

I missed celebrating International Women’s Day earlier this month, but I like to think I celebrate the sisterhood everyday. Especially with all the amazing art in our home.

3EFBE7BD-C928-4A07-9DE7-921394A73C0EBarbara Kruger

Here are some examples of the artwork in our bedroom alone. I originally wrote a much longer post but lost it and am too sleepy to start over. But you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

AC9F919C-7B79-42C7-A3B4-14301D3CCF0FSylvia Schwartz

A3A2EE25-96CA-4807-A277-A538A079E731Doña Rosa

64546DEB-FF93-437B-B438-7557682602FBAgnes Nanogak