On the Road

66726D22-EEEE-4042-BA4C-A9795D0AD98DTry as I might, I never seem to get this travel packing thing quite right. I am currently in Sweden covering the Longines Future Ski Event. From here, I move onto Copenhagen to visit family and then to Switzerland for Baselworld. And I’m trying to do it living out of one carryon and without buying new things.

I have, however, received some free things. For instance the cool Iceland air inflight kit pictured above and the beautiful notebook and pen from Longines pictured below that.

8DDE96C9-969C-4030-9CEF-0A43BA6BA1BCMy biggest challenge was that I had to bring clothes suitable for the minus 20 temperatures. Heavy bulky clothes and boots take up lots of luggage space. But I still didn’t pack enough warm clothes. Longines also gifted us with this fleece lined toque (a life saver) but my hands and toes were still a little cold and I think I’m going to have to buy some thermal socks and gloves if I’m going to survive tomorrow.

F9874014-0179-468F-96FB-488CC798325A.jpegSo what to do with all the winter wear when I move on to a balmier climate? I’m thinking of mailing the boots back if it’s not too expensive.