0D4A9E77-CD07-4A68-8BE7-379212C706E9Oh, the awkward, in-between weather days of April. I always have trouble getting dressed in these transitional times. Last Tuesday, for example, I went out with just a canvas field jacket and a cotton top. And in the afternoon the skies turned grey and rainy and windy. So I popped into the Value Village to get out of the cold. I spotted this crazy winged sweatshirt and realized that it solved my warmth problem while sparking so much joy that I thought I might explode!

D6B470FE-0733-43B3-8F4B-2DD841DFC269.jpegThe next day was fiercely windy, so I opted for layers of wool, including another recent thrift score — this Arran knit sweater. It needs to be paired with a nice checked coat and some jeans. It’s also only appropriate when we’re experiencing Newfoundland- or Ireland-like weather.


And finally, I found this cotton dress at the VV. One of the reasons I bought it is that the idea of wearing it in the hot summer heat made me happy.