Return of the Sidemart

C384F355-4ABA-41A8-8BBC-D643D9C33FAEWith the return of glorious weather this weekend also came the opportunity to amble and discover all kinds of free things left on the sidewalk. First find, this strange old tales-of-adventure-for-boys. I picked it up to use for collage. It has also kinds of cryptic, hand-written messages in the margins which makes it even more compelling.

If I had an apartment to furnish from scratch, it would have been a great day for garbage picking. But I already have a house filled with Ikea and other things. I did, however end up bringing these two prints home with me. The Warhol Soup Cans are actually a couple know kinds of reproductions glued to one piece of paper. I picked it up for the frame, frankly.

The Marilyn Monroe photo is a publicity photo from the “River of No Return” by Ray O’Neill. This movie was shot in Jasper National Park (one of my favourite places on earth) and O’Neill was a local photographer hired to take pictures.

Originally I picked this up for the frame as well, but it’s growing on me. It may have to go up on the wall (though I am running out of wall space to hang things up on).