Wrist Shots

F880DBA6-AA43-4241-A0D4-7B34E729F985It’s been a super busy week. Good stuff, bad stuff, work stuff. But lots and lots of stuff. Because I am aging, my body requires more maintenance, which is expensive but worth it. It doesn’t leave much money for going on treasure hunts. But I go anyway.

7A744FFB-60D4-42FB-B86E-3493E55A08AEFor example, I stopped in at various Value Villages in between appointments. That’s where I found the Glen Yank style aluminum bangle pictured up top. And this somewhat damaged but still darling 1860s era bracelet. I think I’ve only found a piece of jewelry this old once before (though I did find a book from the 1600s on the sidewalk).

F8527407-C252-4B9E-B746-D188C7B8C941I don’t know why I’m so into bracelets at the moment.n Maybe I reached a certain level of saturation with rings, necklaces and watches. And I don’t even wear the ones I buy. I just like to style them and take photos of them.

The wrist candy pictured above and below were found in a dusty old corner shop in the Annex. They have an endless supply of 1970s jewellery (it’s the same place where I found a stash of Rafael Alfandry pieces ages ago). This time I discovered some hinged brass bracelets and a seagull cuff made from a hammered spoon.