3912F4BC-EF09-41D3-9747-A8C67403E5B0Here’s my to do list for next week:

1.Take some art in to get framed.

2. Finish unpacking last year’s spring/summer clothes.

3. Wash and pack last season’s fall/winter clothes.

4. Go through all the unfinished jewellery and watch repair projects and realistically assess if I’m ever going to finish them.

Here are two such projects. I found the articulated silver earrings pictured above at a yard sale in on the weekend. I put them in my pocket for safekeeping. A couple of hours later, I tripped over my Tevas and crushed the earrings when I tumbled onto the ground. I have so many earrings that I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money and effort to have a new post put on. I put this picture on Instagram to crowd source my problem. The mob voted to fix (and by mob I mean, like, three people.

57201020-656B-4453-A62B-3BDA9D43A0F0I also asked the internets if I should shell out the dough to have this old Military watch repaired. At time of writing, no one had responded. But I think I’ll do it anyway.