Dollar Store Style

71AFE886-1E6E-488A-83BD-B6FEF7538A8AI was in KW last weekend for Mother’s Day. Me and my Ma were on a shopping mission (more about our mall haul later), her’s was to get new clothes, mine to visit the Waterloo branch of the Japanese dollar store Miniso.

I discovered this chain last year in Vancouver. They just opened up a bunch of outposts in Ontario so I was super excited to restock up on stationery (I love the faux Lamy  ball point pens) and sports bras.

But what really compelled me to visit was a watch that I saw on the website. It has a cushion case and Panerai-like typography and was just so darned handsome. They didn’t have it, of course, but this PVC coated timepiece pictured up top looked pretty smart as well so I bought it because it was only $12.

Speaking of typography, they had these minimalist wall clocks at the Dollarama. I didn’t buy one, but I did pickup this jewellery organizing tray. I am going back to get a couple more because it’s nice to be able to see what jewels you have at a glance. Until I put these rings in the tray I had actually forgotten that I owned some of them.