I Know Where My Towel Is

895A3BF2-38FB-44A2-861A-CD52190EF5B9.jpegSo every now and then, Hermès has a sale of overstock items to raise funds for The Ross Tilley Burn Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital. I got my first Hermès Scarf — a dip dyed Brides de Gala— at one of these sales seven years ago. And they’ve held another one only once in the intervening years.

Yesterday  morning I saw my friend Eng posting a picture of an invite to the 2018 version of the event on his Instagram stories. I was like, what? An Hermès sale? Today? I promised myself that, once I had finished up the day’s work, I could go down and check it out for research purposes only. But if there was some amazing bargoon, I could get some bauble. Perhaps a bangle or scarf ring.  Just as long as it wasn’t a scarf because I’ve already got one (or two, or three).

E3847C80-9A16-4E94-925E-AD2EA4FAA664A sidebar: it would appear that I never got around to writing about the Annie Faivre designed Etendards et Banieres scarf (pictured above) that I found at the Value Village back in March. I shall endeavour to get some decent photos soon.

DEBA1478-F87C-42D6-822A-12D989AB3307.jpegAny way, one was not allowed to take pictures inside the venue so my written description will have to suffice. Because I went in the early evening, And because I ran into Eng in the lineup and he let me butt in, I did not have to wait long to get in. But it was still pretty overwhelming. There were tables of scarves, belts and bracelets, plus a small section of housewares. Again, I wasn’t in the market for scarfs. I thought about a bangle, but the crowd around the jewels was so intense that I had to back away. That is when I happened upon the cheetah towel and I could already picture myself wrapped up in its cottony comforts.