Mall Hauls

59246DA5-A15F-40E9-9943-0A6135501912.jpegSo me and my mom went shopping last weekend. My mom needed some traveling clothes for our upcoming trip to St. John’s. Me, I wanted to get some insoles to help support my arches. Of course, I ended up buying stuff. Here’s an inventory.

9E2E088E-3612-4FF5-AFD1-E016F7D7A9B5.jpegFirst, we went to the St. Jacob’s outlet mall to get the insoles. Mission accomplished, right? Wrong. There were sales of winter things and I bought the cami pants pictured up top and a plaid coat that was marked down from $250 to $19.

F6389628-2847-4B52-81A4-FF32239A22B2.jpegThen we moved on to the Conestoga Mall. We’ve already discussed my visit to Miniso, but we also visited the sales section of the Old Navy, where I bought a stripey shirt and a green popover.

A note: I keep saying this, but you should always buy clothes that fit you, even if they are on super sale. The stripey shirt is too big, as are the drapey pants. The effect is a tetch too schleppy. And the trousers won’t stay up.

Back in Toronto, I also did some damage at Uniqlo. I picked up this lovely mustard-coloured Uniqlo U pullover and a pair Uniqlo U shorts. I also got a Chanel-style boucle jacket, but I didn’t get a good picture of it.

And finally, here’s a sleeveless blouse (also from Uniqlo — I am probably 80 percent Uniqlo now) and a burgundy velvet headband from ye Olde Navy.