Indecisions, Indecisions

EE17B594-C869-4433-88DA-30B03406DA48I’ve been saving up my pennies to purchase a Nomos watch for a while now. I love the aesthetic of the brand and mechanically, they are amazing value for the money. The problem is that I can’t decide on which watch to get!

It’s kind of like when I first started thinking about getting a tattoo. First I couldn’t decide what design to get. Then I couldn’t decide on the placement. Considering how much impulse shopping I do, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue but it is.

Anyway, I was at a Watchonista x Wempe x NOMOS event last night in New York. I took advantage of having so many watch world players in the room to recommend what they thought I should get. We narrowed it down to a few of the models pictured above (I like the champagne dial).

F2B53826-9E94-436E-94D4-109926B458C8.jpegOr one of these…

355C2E0A-49EC-4A43-AC43-DEC9D7ABAE5BOr this one.