New to Me

3AFE29B0-A777-47C9-A7B6-9E2614DC4314One of the most fun things about attending trade shows like Couture in Las Vegas last weekend is discovering new brands and designers. Well new to me anyway.

At the Watchonista party at the Neon Museum, I was introduced to Eleuterio, a Portuguese company established back in 1925 which specializes in gold filigree jewelry. This delicate wire work has been practiced and perfected in Northern Portugal for generations, but As you can see in the pictures above, the brand uses the technique to create contemporary, cosmopolitan designs. I especially love their long, layered necklaces.

D37BAB25-B49C-4372-BE7B-0771595DFBCBAnother brand that caught my eye in Vegas is Anonimo, a watchmaker which was established in 1997 to revive the industry in Florence, Italy. Although the company’s timepieces are now manufactured in Switzerland, the design of these watches is still heavily influenced by Italian military specifications.

And several models are manufactured in bronze, lending them a distinct yet familiar feeling. They gave me a little bracelet with the Anonimo logo punched out of a bronze disc. It’s fun to see, even in this short time, the pagination of the bronze charm has already changed so very quickly.