Swiss Styles

C06AFC7B-B229-42B8-86DB-F4535CF88B6FI tried not to buy things in Switzerland, I really did. But I failed. In Neuchâtel I set out to go to a nearby vintage shop but stopped at the H&M and ended up purchasing this eyelet blouse and ruffled skirt (pictured above) and a Balenciaga-esque sweatshirt. Because they were on sale.

B6FD613F-8396-4296-9DC6-0FA6D8FBFB12I finally found some vintage on the promenade in Montreux. There was a little tent specializing in vintage clothing from Japan, but alas everything was way too small. I took pictures for future print inspiration.

And I kind of regret passing up on this enamelled necklace by a vendor called Grainedeshopping gthat I also spotted on the outdoor vendor strip. But I have so many necklaces. I’m working on a big purge as I write.

04801A64-7D6B-4318-9B61-31500BF160B6Blue and orange seems to be my jam. Here’s another shot of my new skirt with some old shoes.