One Finds Day

43F5C6B6-EA05-43A0-8D7F-8115613BB4ABYou know I’ve been hella busy with work. But Mr. Andrew went and broke his ankle mountain biking in Switzerland a week ago, so the days are pretty much jam packed with deadlines and helping the hubby hobble around to medical appointments. So there has been little opportunity to go thrifting. I did get a chance to hit the Value Village and a vintage wardrobe sale on Saturday (before and after Yard Saling). Pickings were slim, but that’s good for my savings and for keeping clutter down (I also just did a big book and clothing purge because Andrew needs clear passage to get around the house on crutches).

The vintage wardrobe sale was a fundraiser for a woman who discovered that her husband had racked up significant debts after he was diagnosed with demantia. Therefore the prices were high. I got this velvet cape for $15 bucks. Capes are my kryptonite.

At the Value Village, I found the Royal Oak influenced Accutime Mickey Mouse watch pictured up top. It was $2 but I spent $8 on a new battery (and it probably only cost $15 new). Mickey Mouse watches are my other kryptonite.

My best buy was this vintage pumpkiny  Western shirt by Ely. I love the mother of pearl snap buttons and the embroidery, but it was the colour that sold me.

C47451CF-18E1-42C2-ADDC-45281EB7B928And finally, I found this silk scarf decorated with a design by Inuk artist Anirnik Oshuitoq.