Autumn Breeze

213CD084-D525-438B-9525-759739731096I may be parked in front of an oscillating fan while I work, but my fashion thoughts have begun to drift toward fall (probably because I just finished working on autumn-themed articles). Anyway, here are some new and newish seasonal finds.

B7CC2E98-64BE-41A4-B1DD-ED5976F085E5This thrifted floral-print corduroy L.L. Bean jacket.

3A428BCD-49A9-4AC6-9C6E-ECB40E716861This tie front tshirt that I got at an end-of-summer sale at The Gap. And this pleat front, glen checked skirt that I got at the Value Village. Note: it has pockets. My new fashion dictum is that everything should have pockets.


I also picked up a pair of peach-coloured taxi socks. I consider these will be good transitional pieces as they can be worn with flip flops until the snow begins to fall. And I love the colour.