Modern and Post Modern

C75C7E65-1DB0-4CD9-AEA9-346B89369781I picked up a few jewels at the Value Village on Monday.

I’m always on the lookout for post modern pieces, but so rarely ever find them. I have a few Acme Studios pins (thanks to Annie Koyama) and the Nathalie du Pasquier American Apparel hat I got a a garage sale two weekends ago. So I had to get these Memphis-y brooches when I saw them at the Value Village on Monday. The painted wood and glass bead reptile has a paper label on the back which reads “Afro Dozy.” The glass UFO pin is unsigned.

769CE1E6-257D-4729-BCE4-88E6F207B783I also got this Scandinavian-Style hinged bracelet by Sarah Coventry. If you don’t know it, Sarah Coventry was like the Avon of jewellery, hosting at home parties hosted by “fashion directors” to sell their wares. They must have sold a lot of it, because I keep finding it.