Copy Cat

293E3C75-8E24-4CA2-AFE2-2F1809029E7CI’ve been thinking about my fall fashion direction and taking screenshots of looks from Instagram that I think I might be able to pull off. A lot of them, like this look from @iconaccidental, I think I can adapt with pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.

386E2F2D-21FA-44D9-BD5D-1E5A00A9F926Obviously my autumnal style plans include wearing sandals. This gentleman sums up my transitional wardrobe goals. Except for the beard.

3826FC8A-E4F1-443F-A9A7-D49DA80D04E8And then there’s this effortless, unisex layering from @latreartandstyle, a boutique I. The Junction that totally has my number.

8AE340C7-024E-4F9E-BC44-69FB6330A453But I’m not all about minimalism. I totally want to rock this @joanjulietbuck hot matron look. I have many elements already. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take pictures of myself modelling my versions of these inspirations. If you don’t see selfies of my versions of these vêtements, it means that I went back to the drawing board.