07612EE1-1B95-4881-A778-347EFEC00DF8As I start to think about packing up my summer clothes for the season, I thought I’d take a moment to thank those workhorse pieces that have served me well over the past few months — even years. I’ll start with my faithful Dooley & Bourke crossbody bag. This purse was already well-loved when I got it (I found it in a box of free stuff on the Lower East side about four or five years ago. It holds the perfect amount of stuff and it’s comfortable to wear. Cheers to you Ducky!

94D91D4D-ECEB-436E-8AC7-4E6CAD228AA7And praise be my Adidas Adilette slides. I’ve had them for three summers now and I wear them everywhere because I am too lazy to be bothered with tying up laces and the like. And I have convinced myself that they go with everything.

C90147C1-0829-4804-A0BA-B9592654A779I like to pretty up my hardworking hands with these rings: onyx skull by Charles Albert; red enamel hot lips by  Solange Azagury-Partridge; vintage weave and bow rings; and a 1950s Timex Marlin from Mrs. Huizenga. Other than the Timex, these are all things I’ve had for ages. And other than the Solange, all are things I’ve bought second-hand.