In the Money

8C214177-24EB-465E-A738-236D3EEC342DIt seems rare these days to have both money and time. But Yesterday I had both to spend. So I went crazy at the Dollarama. All the Halloween stuff is in store, so this is the season to stock up on goth and glam accessories like these silver lame and fingerless fishnet gloves.

955078C9-4D59-4F3C-BC2E-8ACA13F1A7E9New this year is this skull patterned poncho. It’s actually quite subtle on. I think I could wear it year round over slip dresses or jumpsuits. I do, however, suspect that it’s highly flammable.

0ABC17D2-0201-4C3F-893D-799F0E0BB7B2One last impulse buy: this dry erase, speech bubble light box. So much fun!