My Dark Bidding

3A74C97D-EB41-44B4-ACD2-4B033CBC6A4AOn Tuesday I went to Waddington’s Quarterly Jewelry auction. My goal had been to load up on lots of old signet rings and watches. I was largely unsuccessful because I was trying to save my money for later lots or I did things like bid on a chain that I planned to pair with a locket that I did not win. In a nutshell, I was bid shy.

1FD2AF40-26C7-4C3C-9F9B-0A6507A52DECNext time, I will come with a better strategy. First and foremost, you have to go to the preview. I also won a lot with a carnelian signet and a dome ring. The multigem ring is, alas, missing stones. Also, I think if I had gone through the lots beforehand, it would have helped me prioritize better. Oh well, less wins means less money spent.