Copy Cat

975E8C83-9194-442F-90AE-F5C138EBA0DEI take pictures of people who I think have excellent personal style as inspiration for putting my own ensembles together. Here a few of these surreptitious snaps (and my style takeaways from each image).

If I ever go the short hair route again, I think I get an asymmetrical ’do.

3BE05952-8D1B-43A0-9E78-FEC4F7597AA0I really want a pair of creepers.

3FE146A8-40A8-42C3-ADDA-AE0AA6317937I think I have all the separates needed to make this look. Would be a good travel ensemble.

67DE3A9A-118F-4C3B-BB35-578D1628477CI wish I had a picture of this woman standing up. This outfit had amazing proportions. Note to self: play more with colour, print and shapes.

41589D89-D309-45DB-8603-28EE9CF33363I have an old Rochas zig zag sweater and about one billion cardigans. This is how I can wear them this fall.

See, all kinds of inspiration and only one thing added to my wish list (the creepers).