Promo Pieces

46CDABC6-E7F5-4BFC-A989-6FEF055B28CDPicked up a few freebies whilst out and about last week, including these postcard/sticker sheets at the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule exhibition at Union Square (which is also free).

0E45C268-8752-48FD-A7A1-94D3FE65E25BAnd here’s a purple pen from the Waddington’s auction I attended. And a cool comb from The Nite Owl barbershop which I picked up at Pacific Park Social, a local coffee shop (with a barbershop in the back).

139F79F4-D244-410A-815D-12548DBD5459And I went to the opening of the new Montblanc Boutique on Bloor Street, where I was gifted with a handtagged luggage tag.