Lost and Found and Lost and Found Again

3745C9AF-22AA-4D86-B463-EFFB4E6DF02DWhile I was packing up my summer clothes last weekend, I came across a basket of old jewelry boxes. I collect these things to ship Etsy orders in. I was happy to discover this stash because I needed to ship a sale. I randomly picked up a little case and when I opened it up I found these 10k huggie earrings have inside.

I have no recollection of buying these hoops. But they were inside a little baggie, so I clearly processed them at some point. So I cleaned them up and put them on and wore them for a few days and then on Tuesday I noticed that one of the earrings was missing.

At the same time I developed a terrible toothache. I tried methodically cleaning the house to find this earring but the pain was too distracting. It turned out that I needed to get an emergency root canal. A very expensive root canal. A freelance gig I had lined up went away because of dental appointments. And I couldn’t even sell the earrings to help raise money to pay for the procedure because I had lost them.

But things are swinging my way again. I just found the missing earring on the bedroom floor!