Selfie Awareness

19951D49-AB4E-4E38-A922-FE331CD7876EOn Saturday I went out wearing a short-sleeved chambray shirt and a blazer. I felt gross and uncomfortable in this get up. And then it started to rain, so I felt gross, uncomfortable, cold and damp. I immediately felt the urge to buy some garments to help alleviate the situation.

I went to Gaspard because I had seen two things on their Instagram that I was deeply curious about: coin based jewelry based on Rufus Wainwright and Daniel McIvor’s opera Hadrian and retro knits by revived German textile mill Merz B. Schwanen.

B3F6C65F-ECC1-41AF-8919-293C6D3850FEI have been taking pictures of my daily outfits and putting them on Instagram for a couple of years now. I do it because it helps me organize my wardrobe and to provide insight into what works and what doesn’t.

But what I just realized this weekend is that the clothes that I feel most confident in are also clothes that I feel comfortable in. I feel that when I wear tops that button up the front, I am always adjusting and nervously checking blouses to make sure they are not gapping  around the bosom. In short, I’m giving up on blouses and blazers and embracing pullovers and cardigans.

Other new clothes resolutions moving forward include choosing crew necks over scoop necklines, looking for tops that are longer and to favour clothes with pockets.

I ended up buying a Metz B. Schwanen t-shirt because it was super soft and the cut — especially with the longer sleeves — was perfect. I changed into it right in the shop.

And for warmth, I bought a forest green, cotton hoodie (pictured up top) at the convenience store that sells clothes where I also bought my digital Casio watch. I have been obsessed with green hoodies since I was in grade 5. I like this one because it has no branding and is cosy and snug like a bunny hug (which is apparently the prairie name for this type of hoodie — wee called them Kangaroos in Southwestern Ontario where I grew up).