Last of the Summer Buys

9C95E528-BA93-4B97-9D1E-91585ADEDE1DOn the “To Do” list this week was unpacking my winter clothes and putting away my summer things. And one of the things I pulled out of storage was this blue velvet slip dress that I got from Uniqlo at the end of last winter. I never even wore it, I just put it away in anticipation of this season.

Likewise, I recently purchased a bunch of summery things that were somehow still on the sale racks. Pictured above, clockwise from top left: A linen blend blazer from Old Navy; a cotton camisole from Walmart; a striped jumpsuit from Old Navy; and a stripey skirt from Joe Fresh. So these pieces will go directly into storage.

Okay, not totally true. I did wear the jacket a couple of times when it was still warm. And the camisole, I wore that too.

I also picked up some more transitional garments that I can wear through the winter (if I layer them properly). Clockwise from top left: Pyjama top from Old Navy; and grey bomber jacket, pleather skirt and sleeveless wrap top from Joe Fresh.

And pants. I got these green pants from Old Navy and these checked trousers from Walmart. And below, some side striped joggers from Joe Fresh. You know some basic pieces. (Don’t worry, I did a big purge to meet my strict one in/two out policy — I actually have extra space in my drawers and have cleared out most of the section of Mr. Andrew’s clothing rack that I had commandeered.)