What I Didn’t Buy

Barika Studded Universal Thread Mules

So I was in New York for work and my goal was not to buy anything while I was there because the exchange rate is brutal, I was trying to travel light and even with my strict one in, two out policy, my drawers and closets are pretty full.

(An aside, I thought I was in a good place storage-wise when I took my winter wardrobe out of storage but when was packing for this trip I found that my weekender was stuffed with even more sweaters and things. Plus one sweater takes up so much more drawer space than one t-shirt).

Still, I was compelled to visit some shops. And I saw somethings that I absolutely fell in love with, like these leather mules by Universal Thread at Target. I already have so many black slip ons, so I couldn’t justify breaking my buying ban. But I would be lying if told you that I didn’t spend the whole trip back thinking about them an almost buying them online.

And then there was this jacket and fringed skirt that I spotted on the sale rack at H&M. Again, I keep buying blazers but this one was better than any of the others that I have because of the three-quarter length sleeves. Plus, it would look so good worn without a shirt over this electric blue skirt (which unfortunately was only available in one size too small for me. But I could lose enough weight by New Years to make it fit eventually, right? I still think about hopping the midnight bus back to Manhattan just to go back and buy these babies.

coin pendant

And then there was this cute, gilded silver coin pendant that I spied at one of my favourite wholesale places in the Garment District. The one pictured above is available on Etsy, if you are looking for something similar but again, budget. I just spent thousands of dollars on dentistry and I am trying to curb my consumerism.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of things I did buy in Manhattan.