Fresh Finds

FEBCBD07-5349-4649-AFEB-3C0F7A7615D6Almost all of my excursions out of doors have been limited to or centred around doctor and dental appointments. And since almost all of my money has gone to my new gold tooth and various therapy prescriptions (plus transit to and back from said visits), I have not had much opportunity to shop (plus taking transit, especially during rush hour) is uncomfortable. Better to stay in.

Yet I still managed to purchase some new duds at the Joe Fresh at Victoria Park and Eglinton. I got three skirts (a maxi, a floral and a wrap — all stretchy), a loosey goosey grey T-shirt and a pair of incredibly stupid paw gloves.

I was going to write something about how highly conflicted I am about fast fashion and rampant consumerism, but I feel I make too many excuses and rationalisms. I just have to first accept that I have a shopping problem and that these habits are maybe not the best for the world.