Decisions Decisions

AF7957C7-5F51-4FB0-850B-36A15E2B2DB1Since I’m kind of sidelined for a few more weeks, I am going through my repair projects, fixing up things I love rather than buying new things. But sometimes one must make a decision about how far you’ll go to recesutate something.

4886A1CB-7353-481B-91AC-C2A3A0C03F81Say, for example, these two watches. They are both beautiful and worth restoring but do I really need more watches? And if I get bored of them, would I get the money I spent on servicing them back if I sold them? Or should I just sell them “as is” and put that financial burden on some other collector?

91355D05-5543-4A75-A3AB-D70C9BDB7712Then there’s this tote bag. It is the most perfect purse I’ve ever owned, but I’ve already spent half of its original price on repairs. Now the other side of the handles is about to fall off. I could buy a brand new carry all for the cost of refashioning the straps, but on the other hand, I’ve already invested almost $100 in it, so why stop now?

Plus it’s perfect for me. I have searched my whole life for such a bag.