Shiny and New to Me

2D1058BD-C1B5-4AE3-A0E2-65087CCC1820 One my favourite places to shop is the $5 trunk at Mama Loves You on Queen Street West. I dropped by yesterday and came away with two cool vintage accessories.

4AE8D390-4AB2-4F10-8683-6B5155F227B6I keep buying Bass Weejun Penny Loafers, because I had a pair in high school that I absolutely loved. Most of the time, I end up up re-thrifting them because I buy them impulsively and they are usually a size too small, or too big or too narrow or the wrong colour. These babies are a bit too big, but I figure I can wear them with thick socks. Otherwise, these preppy icons are the perfect width for my duck feet and the are black which is beautiful with everything.

1B136819-513B-4ACF-94B7-301BDAB8A99BI also got this swank, so dove grey, patent leather, chain handled 1960s purse. It is signed Bon Goût [good taste] Made in Denmark Expressly for Eatons of Canada. With their classic looks and shiny leather surfaces, both items have an old school WASPy charm to them. I feel I must also wear a head scarf when I take these babies out for a spin.

It has a little smudge on it (which is why I reckon it was in the five buck trunk), but I don’t mind at all. I’ll have fun falling down a research hole on how to get it out.