Why I Blog

A59D8E66-59DC-429F-B72C-2DBD2E46C235While I don’t do resolutions, the New Year has got me in a reflective mood. So a photo of this Tiffany & Co. pendant seems appropriate because I spent a good chunk of the holidays trying to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Because guess what? I’m  going into the tenth decade of writing this blog. Sure, when I started writing Gracious, Good I secretly hoped that I would get discovered and become internet famous. And once I realized what that means, My objectives evolved.

Mostly I try to write at least three days a week. Mostly like a musician practices their instrument to stay limber. To that extent, my focus is on sharing stories and trying to put my random collections and ideas into perspective.

Gracious, Good is not an exercise in improving my spelling or grammar. You have probably noticed that.

The blog is also a little bit about bragging about the cool things I find along the road of life. Writing here also helps me catalogue these treasures.

And for finally Gracious, Good also helps me throw some attention the way of my Etsy shops Gracious, Good and Earnestine (check out the link and buy stuff, I’d sure appreciate it.)

In a nutshell, I do this blog for me. I like to share my thoughts and I enjoy getting feedback from readers — especially when they can shine new light on my friends nds. And yes, sometimes I neglect Gracious, Good and my posts aren’t as researched as they could be, so I’m extremely grateful for those who check in and read the blog on a regular basis.

Gracious, Good is an expression of me as much as my clothes and other creative expressions are. What it isn’t is an extension of “my brand.” I’m gunna keep on keepin’ on, but in my own self-indulgent way because it’s fun. I hope it’s fun for you too!