Five Dollar Haul

d07bf029-e185-425d-9de4-031cc97647e7I went to the St. Lawrence Antique Market on Saturday. My goal was to see if I could swap a few watches in exchange for an IWC Porsche design watch that I has spotted there back in September. Since then I saved up for it but my root canal and subsequent cat dentistry  wiped out my discretionary watch buying fund. In December I asked the dealer if he would trade for it. He said yes, but I was unable to get back to the market until now.

And it was gone.

198912e9-678a-4c92-b72f-f026965492f9But there was a bright side to the visit. There were a bunch of booths that were selling off ephemera for practically nothing. I got these three treats for just three dollars.

First off is this week odd, home made medallion from 1954. It’s made of heavy plastic, ribbon and some soldered together beer caps. One one side is an old Molsons Export beer label. The verso is machine engraved.

9a95673b-e3d1-4fe1-bbf7-aa63a0d62b92I also picked up this mesh and chain belt, which I turned into a necklace because my waist is just not that tiny. I don’t know what adult person has such a slender Mid section. Anyway I like it’s Victorian Revival details but I live for the pomegranate terminals on the tassels. I think I saw one of the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race wearing something similar.

1ec82d67-c241-4a03-9c0d-8465ccc63266And last but not least is this beautiful but busted Kachina dancer. It is signed Parrot Longo. The figure is missing more than a few parts, namely and arm, its beak, its ears and it most likely had a small bird perched on its head. It may have also carried a rattle and a stick. I have some spare cotton wood on hand so I can try and remake these bits or I can leave it as is as a record of it’s journey so far.