Maintenance Week


I had taken a break from beauty business for the last  and a half. No hair cuts or colouring, no manis nor pedis. Sure sometimes I applied some makeup or lipstick, but I bought no new skin salves or balms (except for hand cream — that stuff is crucial).

The reasoning behind this sabbatical was to give both my body and bank account a bit of a respite. But eventually my roots were two inches long and I had run out of cetaphil so it was time for some maintenance.

5d914aba-c081-4752-b9a7-e0bc580c54f7First I went to the Abnormal Beauty Company to pick up some cleanser and something to tighten up the pores around my nose and chin. The Abnormal Beauty is a local company with Canadian made products and an international reputation (it’s affordable skin care collections have achieved cult status around the world and its eccentric founder rates tabloid coverage).

I’ve only been using them for a couple of days but so far so good. No irritation or itchiness.

I also got my hairs cut and dyed. I should be trying to figure out a way to grow out my grey, but I’m just not patient enough. My stylist Tori Lalonde of Dat Salon and Album Hair always makes me feel so stylish so For the meantime I will leave my hair direction to her good taste.