After A Fashion

43888006-70a1-407b-9363-03db8624a865When I was visiting the family last weekend, my niece, sister and I did a wee bit of shopping. I always forget something when I pack and this time I neglected to bring pajamas and a spare bra, so I asked my sister if we could stop off at Old Navy.

This is how I ended up purchasing a pair of wide-legged cropped pants and an open front cardigan-coat. And also some lounge pants (which are basically PJs). They were all on sale but not the deeply discounted buys that one usually finds closer to mid-January.f8186b44-d245-46a1-82ef-643394036c35

Plus I brought home a vintage Heather Mist, mohair/wool blanket scarf (see picture at the top of the page) that I had left at my mom’s basically two years ago. I wore the coat and scarf out yesterday. A kind lady pointed out that I still had the price tag attached and helped me take it off because the scarf I’d so big that I couldn’t see over it.