I Like Food

IMG_2847I love eating out as much as I love art and watches and dressing up. I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, but I want to acknowledge the joy that food brings to my life with a bunch of pictures of some recent meals.

I am fond of taking my meals in old timey diners (like the Patrician Grill on King Street East, where I sat out a snowstorm eating the fish and chips pictured above).

I also enjoy out-of-the-way restaurants in strip malls like Hakka Number One No. 2 (pictured above). The food is delicious and we order too much because we want to sample everything. We’ve taken to bringing our own Tupperware to bring home leftovers so we don’t totally pig out.

IMG_2328 I enjoy the experience of good company. These Limoncello bites were from a visit to my friend Carol’s house. People can introduce you to tasty new treats! Plus you can talk about food and food-related experiences while you are eating.IMG_1109.jpg

And speaking of experiences, one of the best meals we’ve had recently was in Lausanne at my friend Marco’s house. These are his mom’s noodles and I can’t stop thinking about them!

Fancy food is nice too. We went to Buca Yorkville for lunch with Mr. Andrew’s family. We had Branzine Crudo (raw sea bass from cyprus) carved table side. And of course, some cake.

I also don’t mind eating alone. I have a few favourite haunts, like A+ Sushi & Bibim in Parkdale. It’s a no frills establishment but they have delicious homemade kimchi, so I like to stop off for lunch when I’m in the neighbourhood.


I also love A&W because you can get Diet Root Beer served in a frosty mug!