Tiger Time

D5F53B50-A68F-498F-A478-0AC86F96FDCEIf I’m in a city with a Flying Tiger in it well guess what? I am going to go to that store. The power of cheap, whimsical stuff compelled me.

Basel has a Flying Tiger. I had a little break from looking at watches at Baselworld and went for a wee walk to get some fresh air and a wee bit of shopping.

It was mostly browsing as the thought  of schlepping stuff around then trying to fit into my luggage filled me with dread (travel tip: to avoid over packing and unnecessary shopping, book a room that’s a three storey walk up).

DD91CECF-6DE2-47C2-A8FF-E20B3E0D0556So here are some things I didn’t buy and three things I did purchase. Starting with the skill crane pictured above. Who wouldn’t want their own skill crane? And it has sound and light! I could open up a carnival on our porch this summer!

A0412E21-D288-452D-BBC7-7F8CEBFA4CFCOr how about a bathroom piano? Even though I have a recurring nightmare about crusty, germ-filled carpeting around toilets, I am charmed by the idea of tapping out a tune while you sit. It doesn’t have to be just for the lavatory is what I’m saying.

6FCB6868-ABDE-49A6-800E-CC3058AB439ABecause I take a lot of battery draining photos at Baselworld, I did buy some practical things to help charge my power packs for charging my phone and iPad on the road. Plus a spare pen. Of course, I was gifted all of these accessories  at the show just after I bought them.