New To Me

0CA97ED7-9B11-4E38-BF9D-76C513392298I know I said I would not be getting any new clothes after having to spend my money on hearing aids (which are working great, by the way… I really didn’t know how much I was missing without them and I would not have survived Baselworld without them.)

I did mention that I got hearing aids, right? And that they are very expensive? And I just paid off having to get a root canal and a new crown? And that I am getting older and falling apart a little?

Anyway, I still managed to acquire some new clothes. I hit the H&M in Basel and bought a green sweater. Not for me per se. I got it as a friend for my leopard print skirt.

43ED1FE0-084C-40C0-BD31-6FA95AFCCE44The sweater was on sale. As were these wide legged trousers, which I treated myself to for the long flight home (instead of buying overpriced junk food in the airport).

FDBFEC6F-80BF-4B2C-AB36-443A3F8E1835I BUNZ traded some Hermès playing cards for this Helmut Lang knitted top. A fair swap, I’d say.

D5F5AF44-BD58-480A-9A3B-30FEFEA30043And keeping things monochromatic, I thrifted this Old Navy dress at the Value Village. I admired  this rabbit and owl pattern when it came out a few seasons ago but didn’t pull the trigger at the time.