Living Colour

4470AD40-E0C2-4EC4-8EC1-CF604D8B9F36I am an old woman and I know from decades of experience that cold weather and snow and stuff can still happen in Toronto well into April. In fact, I never put my winter things away until after April 14th.

2100A366-B514-4A99-A011-A29DCF089500That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to burn my winter wardrobe. Everything feels drab. The wooly things have gotten pilly. I just want change!

75442CE8-2BBA-4384-B93F-74D618AD1FD3Which is why I purchased these colourful items on my recent thrift safaris: a flower print Cacherel scarf (a promo for their Lou Lou scent); a bright Biko Bloo wrap Swatch, and a beaded leather bangle.