Easter Stockings

48CAD9BC-701A-48A3-9BF3-177BDA53020CWhen I was a kid, the Easter Bunny always left us a skipping rope, a solid chocolate rabbit and new socks and underwear. Because apparently the Easter Bunny was a practical character who sensed that my young parents weren’t made of money and what kid didn’t crave undergarments?

In retrospect, maybe that’s maybe why I love fun socks. Although this has led me to make rash hosiery purchases, and most times these stockings are abandoned for being too tight, too sweaty or too slouchy. When a sock does pass muster, I will coddle and care for ces chausettes until it can be washed and darned no more.

273C862E-4F4A-4B1C-8B3D-D483074DDA91My greatest enemy (after moths) is the black hole that socks disappear into. As part of my spring cleaning I went through the loose sock back an re-paired as many as I could. But at the end of the day, I needed to replenish. Fortunately, my friend Lynda got me some crazy cat lady hose for my birthday. And I found these hot cross  socks at Dollarama. And I picked up these pink babies at Len’s Mill Store whilst visiting my mom in KW. Len’s is my go-to place to stock up on socks and undies.