Weather Girl

319F0745-8B6F-4811-AC0F-6E1935F10F21 Once again I’ve come to New York only to get drenched in the rain. I thought I was prepared this time. I brought an extra set of clothes and had an umbrella. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of rain and how cold it would be.

C56A8D9F-9F38-418E-B870-98CE832128F1.jpegBasically, I got a thorough soaking. I made some bad shoe choices (well they would have been sensible if it wasn’t pouring) and stepped in a deep puddle. I had optimistically thought it would be sandal weather. It is not. I had no choice but to go to Target and get new shoes just so I could have dry feet. They are Champions. Blush pink Champions. They are comfy.

B31DA9AA-3F47-4860-A8CA-49628CA1F68FWhile I was at Tar-jay, I also picked up some joggers as the ones I wore down were completely endampened. They still are as I write this.

314963A8-1DEA-4296-8EB3-2211E7EC39EE.jpegI brought my jean jacket because I was going to see James Bay, and I still wore it even though it was wet. I was shivering as I walked to the venue so I stopped at Old Navy along the way to get an overcoat just so I wouldn’t freeze to death. It is orange. It was also on sale for $12.

61BD323D-0468-4BB7-A4BF-97ECBDEDCE10I also got some socks at a dollar store and a bra at Target.

I really wanted to get through this trip without shopping, but once again I failed. Sigh.