Spring In My Step

189CBC1B-BF72-412C-9BE6-FD68E27E21E6I don’t really like tying shoelaces. I’ve never been good at it plus I am lazy.

Clogs and mules are my ideal footwear these days. These are my newest acquisitions:

I have been wanting a pair of these North Face Thermoball Traction Mules ever since I saw a guy wearing them in the Fraction Clinic when Mr. Andrew was getting his busted ankle tended to. I Waited months for them to go on sale. Finally last week, the discount was deep enough and I ordered a pair online.

The verdict: super comfy and cool looking, but they fit a little larger than I expected. Next time I’ll get an 8.

84C07B60-2882-4005-ADBF-78FEB96C6AD2Next up: these camouflage clogs from Dollarama. I bought them because the Birkenstock Bostons I was wearing were causing me foot pain and I needed some shoes to get me home. For some reason, this particular pair of Birks have always given me trouble. I took them to the clothing bank to be rehomed.

And speaking of Birkenstocks, I found a pair of white plastic Gizehs at the Value Village. No pictures yet, though. Too cold for sandals and I seem to have lost most of my Tabi socks.