Walmart of Voodoo

C506C500-C77F-4943-BD5D-C3F7EA00FB4FLast week I went to Walmart. I can’t remember why I went there — probably looking for half-price Easter Chocolate — but I came out with clothes.

I have tried to come up with codes to keep me from buying new garments. For example, do not buy things without pockets; do not purchase clothing made from synthetic materials that just make you sweaty; and do not keep by slightly different versions of outfits that you already have.

5C921332-75EF-492B-AA0B-292F1625A003With this starry cardi and stripes pants, I have once again fallen into these traps. I mean, I have a million cardigans (but I don’t have one with stars on it). And I have plenty of striped pants (although these are not stretchy and the others were too close to being sweatpants).