1802A510-D178-4060-B201-6C75818B11D6I didn’t have much opportunity for shopping whilst in Las Vegas. But I did drop into the nearby Ross store (a Winners-type operation) near the hotel. My motivation was because I bumped into a bedside table, gave myself an unsightly bruise and scratch and had unfortunately packed mostly skirts and dresses.

DBECA273-712F-42ED-A551-6E9CE0CD5BCCSo I went in to get some pants. The kind of trousers you can layer under dresses and skirts. I found these leopard print leggings and some drapey black pants (not pictured).

But of course I got some other things as well. I had been unsuccessful looking for an 1980s outfit for the opening night party, so I bought a pink fanny pack at a souvenir shop (again, not pictured). But once I found the leopard leggings I latched on to putting together a Pat Benetar inspired ensemble. So I bought a fringed mesh pullover.

D0765E51-907F-4531-94B8-9DD9037ED5C4And then I purchased these blue Baretraps sandals because the shoes I was wearing were killing me.

Thus endeth the justifications.