Write Stuff

74D508CD-8B96-4E3A-AFCF-604CB6D17BABI was in Las Vegas last week, covering COUTURETime for Watchonista (you can read about that here). As always, pens and pencil are my preferred souvenir because they don’t take up a lot of room and are easily purloined from hotels. Plus I found a few abandoned in the convention centre.

54862DEB-463A-41B2-ABC3-757BEA6AE5C3At conventions, stationery is also a common (and appreciated because writers always need something to write with and something to write on) gift from exhibitors. This year, I picked up a very cool notebook and matte black pen from Hamilton (it even has the logo embossed on the top).

83967DE3-5F0D-4890-BFD1-791D26638E29Rado also outdid itself with a Le Courboisier themed notebook and an intriguing Forever Perpetual Pencil. This writing instrument uses a metal alloy tip (Ethergraf ) to produce a graphite-like line.  The markings  are lighter than a regular pencil, but it looks cool and is fun to draw with.