Art Tourism

999E72E1-CF12-4506-96A2-1D5B2959B47FLast weekend my sister and I took my mom the the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum for her birthday. It’s always a fun space to visit, but my favourites were these vessels by Nick Sikkuark and Carl Beam which were part of a mini exhibit for National Indigenous Peoples Day.

A168B652-1E58-471F-BE04-9A4CFB1EB972Then on Monday, I flew to Boston for the grand opening of the new Encore Resort. Like it’s sister resort in Las Vegas, this hotel has a lot of art, including this Jeff Koons Popeye sculpture that I last saw earlier this month in Nevada.77295B00-2C3A-432E-A0CD-46BC265F77B5There are more important works of art at the Encore than most museums. One of my favourites was this oversized urn (I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know who it’s by).675877B3-96E8-4822-96C2-0C2B5E343751And out in the Gardens (the landscaping is a work of art in itself) there are not one, not two, but three squished heads by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa and a big silver donut by English artist David Harber that’s meant to evoke the passage of time.