A Taste of Honey

53FD8F43-3F04-49F3-86A2-A9F369B66D81.jpegMr. Andrew and I are visiting his family in rural Manitoba  and having many adventures. So not a lot of time for posting and not a lot of access to the inter webs but lots of interesting surprises.

For example, on our drive today we took an impromptu detour to Raven Creek Farm — where they make all kinds of bee related wares such as honey (natch), candles, skin care products and even mead. We got a tour of the operation and bought a bunch of the aforementioned things.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the honey and mead yet, but I am a big fan of this banana-flavoured lip balm.

51976D60-8AA5-407C-BFB1-EF023D664508Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from this unexpected but excellent  visit.